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Ming Hou

Hou Ming founded Shenzhen Ming Culture Ltd., as the former Shenzhen Vanke Film and Television Co., Ltd. established in 1992, which is the first privately-owned company in the film and television industry in China. She has invested and produced many films and television programs, the film works of The Spring Festival, Looking for Fun, and King of Lan Ling have been honored with many international awards. Hou Ming also successively produced some television plays adapted from classics and famous works at home and abroad.

2008 Hou Ming created the Dragon & Horse Studio together with the domestic well-known scriptwriters to build the first platform of drama in China. Since 2013, she introduced a Belgium theatre to give performance publicly in the NCPA and produced original theatre and music drama for children.

Hou Ming began to invest the documentary films since 2015, including “The education to break”, “lyricism of the Yellow River”, “My life line”.


Zheng Qiong


Wolfgang Bergmann

1946 born in Paderborn, Westphalia. 1967-1972 studies in Hamburg and Munich: journalism, art and philosophy. 1971-1974 assistant of director for fiction: Geissendörfer, Stöckl, Furtwängler und Kotulla. From 1975 -1982 director of film distributions. Since 1982 filmmaker and producer.

Established by Wolfgang Bergmann, LICHTFILM is a production company with a track record for well-made, artistic long and short films. Our films depict purposefully direct encounters with people from all backgrounds: visionaries, victims and high-flyers, to name but a few. We present the protagonists as they really are, speaking out in their own idiom.


Daniel Langemann

​Daniel Langemann was born 1992. As a child of two russian Pianist he got in touch with classical music from an early age. He started playing mallet instruments at the age of seven years and quickly suceeded at national and international marimba competitions like the first international marimba festvia 2003. In the following years Daniel decided learn different music genres and instruments like the jazz drumset and developed his interest for composition. 2012 Daniel decided to study music and media at the Robert Schumann Düsseldorf where he did his first compositions for short and doumentary movies. The music for „a way out“ is his first composition for a documentary movie. It was followed by the music for another docomentary movie called „Pavlenski – der Mensch und die Macht“.

Zheng Qiong (Cherelle Zheng)  founded "Beijing Channel Zero Media" in 2000, a leading production company in China that focuses on documentary films. In addition to operating own workshops, film screenings, an e-journal and a fund for the promotion of Chinese filmmakers, Channel Zero Media concentrates on international co-operations and distribution. In 2009 Zheng Qiong launched the first officially authorized independent International documentary film festival in China,  "iDOCS". She was jury member of DOK Leipzig 2011,Adelaide Film Festival 2013 and DOCAviv film festival 2015. She made her directorial debut with "A Way Out" in 2016.  Since 2006 Zheng Qiong has started working with the international documentary filmmaking crew from Taiwan, Canada, Netherlands and France and also participated in producing international documentary films, such as Giraffe (German/2016), The Journey to West(France/2014),A Diary of Pigeon (Netherlands /2014), The Chinese Bubble (Netherlands/2011), Sunny Side of Sex (Netherlands/2010), Rainmakers (Netherlands/2009), How Long is the Road (Taiwan/2008), Short & Male (Canada/2007)

Since 1996, as a photographer for the Documentary Department of the Yunnan TV Station, Wei Xing has shot a large amount of videos of rare animals, namely Grus nigricollis (known in China as black-neck cranes ) and Rhinopithecus bieti (or Yunnan Stubbed-nose monkeys). Having won multiple awards both at home and abroad, he is the earliest Chinese director whose works are recognized internationally.


Key works and awards:

A Student Village

Awards: First Prize, Documentary, Yunnan TV Government Prize

2001 China TV Golden Bridge Documentary First Prize and Best Playwright Award

2001 Nominated for the 19th Golden Eagle Award

2001 selected for Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival, Germany

2002 selected for Astra Documentary Film Festival, Romania

2002 selected for Chicago Doc Festival – International Documentary Festival

2003 Yunnan Video&Image Exhibition Jury Special Award & Audience Favorite Award.


Over the Winter

Yunnan Stubbed-nose Monkeys

• 1968 born in Remscheid, Germany

Since 1988 Dirk Oetelshoven has been involved in Filmmaking and Theatrical Work.

He edited Hans Weingartners Films "White Noise", "The Edukators" and "The Sum of my Parts". Apart from editing he also writes and directs (sometimes even acts in) his own films.

He lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany.

Wei Xing

Dirk Oetelshoven



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